Is Tourism Right For Me?

The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council has created a quiz to help decide.

The Tourism Employer’s Wish List:

  • Have to be outgoing – enjoy talking to people
  • Be a team player – work well with others
  • Need to have the desire to learn
  • Should have a theoretical background – need to understand how things work
  • Critical to be a fast learner – after a crash course, you’re off into the real world
  • Need to perform well under pressure
  • Requires good business and communication skills
  • Needs strong customer service focus – be interested in people willing to help
  • A strong interest in geography and culture
  • Industry’s biggest requirement – great attitude!

Inbound Employment Opportunities

Inbound tourism (vacation, leisure, adventure, and eco travel to Canada) is a rapidly growing segment of the travel market. As a travel professional you may have an opportunity to assist people from other countries or areas who visit Canada. The links here point to a wide spectrum of inbound tourism employment opportunities. We do not maintain the sites listed and are subject to change at any time.